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Providing You With Award-Winning Smoked Meats and Charcuterie Products

Our Halenda’s Charcuterie and Halenda’s 1979 have won more than 100 plus awards at the Royal Agriculture Winter Fair, Reader’s Choice Awards and more!

Halenda’s Charcuterie 1979

Dried, smoked and cured pork and beef sausages made by our family and to be enjoyed by yours.

Using old-world artisanal recipes.

Halenda’s 1979

At Halenda’s we make all of our own smoked meats like our Canadian back bacon, smokies and smoked pork chops. Try one of our very own family recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation.

What's Your Halenda Moment?

Your Halenda moment is a time in your day when you are shocked in the most amazing way! Like taking a bite of our award-winning kobassa and shocked by the amazing flavours. Or shocked that your kids ate all their lunch! Or shocked that after a long day of work, your partner has dinner ready for you!

Share your Halenda moment on social media to win prizes and use #whatthehalenda!

Where To Buy Our Products?

Available at select Metro, Sobeys, Foodland, Fortinos, Food Basics and Halenda's Meats locations! Also available at select deli and independent butcher shops throughout the province.